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How We Differ From Mattress Firm, Purple, Casper, and Others.

Each one of our mattresses are handmade right here in Asheville, N.C. using only the finest materials from around the world.   Since our mattresses are artisan made locally, you'll be supporting the local economy while getting a great night's sleep! 


We respect Mattress Firm as the country's largest mattress retailer with over 3,500 stores.  However, with that many locations, it would almost be impossible for them to handcraft each mattress they sell.  That's why they must sell mass-produced mattresses off of the assembly line.  The same is true with Purple, Casper, and all the others.


Come discover the Colton "handmade" difference today.  Your local economy (and your back) thanks you! 


Shop our collection here.

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